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Stress Less With Doctor Jess

Dr. Jessica Thalhamer

Welcome to the Stress Less With Doctor Jess Podcast! I am Dr. Jessica. I am a spiritual teacher, healer, chiropractor, empath, spirit junkie, single mom, endometriosis warrior and I am so much more. I empower others to love themselves, take control of their lives, and manifest the life of their dreams. What does that mean? I empower you to see your true authentic self. I empower you to unlearn the things you learned like limiting beliefs, fears, doubts, and unworthiness. I empower you to work through the guilt, shame, and expectations placed upon you by your friends and family. I empower you to work through every lie someone told you that you ingested and made part of your identity.I want you to step into the life that you dream of and desire. This podcast will be launching early next year in 2021. Be sure to subscribe or sign up for the mailing list at to be alerted! You can also find me on Instagram @SelfCompassionLLC and @HealingBossBabe. I am excited to be on this journey with you. Stay tuned.

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